Our story

The firm Aperitivo is born in 2015.

Friends for years, Valérie and Benoit had the idea to go into partnership in order to develop the image of quality products unknown in Belgium and to introduce them to the public.

If you meet them, they will be thrilled to tell you their story, along with the story of their products, and will most probably tell you “Cheers!”

The story of QOR


A story of passion and tradition


Here began the story of the Vermouth Bracci, in Terranova Bracciolini, a delightful small village of Arezzo.

After his studies, the oenologist Giuseppe Bracci devoted himself entirely to finding a solution to the ageing of sweet wine, his lifelong passion. Through his work, he discovered that these wines could be flavoured, which brought him to try out a wide range of solutions. These experiments led him to the creation of what would later be called Vermouth.

Shortly afterwards, Giuseppe Bracci obtained a liquor production licence. He was the third one to obtain that license. Martini had received the first one.

During these years, a large number of companies were created to meet the growing demands, in particular in the south of Piedmont, between Canelli and Nizza. This period saw the emergence of the world’s leading producers.


Giuseppe Bracci transmitted his passion and skills to his son Simone who, with a lot of involvement, showed a remarkable and broad-minded spirit of enterprise. Thanks to Simone, international branches developed in Belgium and the United States.

It was at that time that the company experienced its biggest expansion.


Simone created a variant of the traditional Vermouth Bianco from a typical wine originating from Sicily. The Alcamo distinguishes itself by unrivalled flavours, with fresh and intense aromas.

The Santafiora Bianco has been created from that wine, and is nowadays known as QOR.

This aromatic wine has a fresh and unique character, provided by the combination of the zest of organic oranges from Ribera, cocoa beans from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, as well as 45 other secret spices.


By pure chance, Lorenzo Gasbarro, Simone Bracci’s great-grandson, found his grandfather’s handwritten recipe in the family country house. An oenologist himself, he decided to resume the production of this incredible vermouth, and this with the same passion.

The QOR is a modern vermouth produced in the traditions of the past. This product, with more than 100 years history, may be served neat or in a cocktail. It captures the aroma of one of the oldest wine-making traditions of Italy.

The story of Skinos

Amazing and sophisticated, Skinos is a liquor produced in the heart of a small Greek island.

Though nearly unknown, this rare liquor is worth the trip! Skinos owes its unique taste to its basis ingredient: the mastiha.

Known since Hippocrates and only harvested in 24 villages in the north of the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean, the mastiha is the sap of a shrub called mastic or pistacia lentiscus.

When oozing from the trunk and branches, it forms long drops, called “tears of Chios” by the natives. As very small quantities are collected, the mastiha is extremely rare. The resin is then distilled with agricultural alcohol and water to obtain a 30° liquor with an inimitable taste: Skinos.

The story of Otto's vermouth

Athens 1840. The philhellian king Otto decides to make Athens the capital of Greece, with the aim of giving back to this city of more than 2,000 years and 8,000 inhabitants its glory of yesteryear. In the shadow of the Acropolis, in the paved streets of the old city Plaka, King Otto is laying the foundations of the new Athens. It was then that Ioannis Vouher created the first Greek vermouth on the occasion of an appointment with King Otto, honoring an ancient Greek tradition and celebrating a new era. Made using wine from the Attica region infused with Greek herbs, rose petals and citrus fruit, for a true Greek flavor. The Athenians keep Otto vermouth in their cellar and enjoy it fresh, iced and as an aperitif.

Athens 1960. Athens takes on the appearance of a cosmopolitan European metropolis. Omonoia Square with its large fountain and flamboyant neon signs becomes the hallmark of nightlife. Modern apartments are appearing in Kolonaki and around the national garden. Quinta, Argentina, Fantasia, are the places where the spoiled children of Athens spend their nights until the first light of day. Local celebrities mingle with the international jet set that lands in Greece thanks to the legendary Olympic Airways company with silverware and piano concerts on board. Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Elisabeth Taylor, Jean Paul Belmondo, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn and Alain Delon discover the nights and days of Athens before sailing to the magic islands of Hydra, Mykonos, Rhodes, Delos and Santorini. The Vermouth is naturally drunk in a large glass, with ice and soda. The best distillers like Andreas Metaxas recommend their own version of vermouth - some with sweet wine, others with more or less intense aromas. Athens 2017 Today, Athens is the favorite destination of a certain creative and artistic population called "neo-bohemian". The center offers boutique-hotels, trendy bars, underground speakeasy, sophisticated bars and nightlife never seems to stop. The creativity of the new bartenders, the demand for authentic drinks with a strong past and identity, and the renewal of cocktails from the Prohibition era are putting the traditional Athens Vermouth back on the scene.