Terms of Sales

1. Purchase / sale

THE APERITIVO SPRL agrees to sell, as you agree to buy the goods meet the description and the amount mentioned in the purchase order.

The Parties recognize the applicability of these general conditions in these transactions.

2. Restriction on registration on the website

You are not allowed to buy alcohol if you do not have the legal age to drink in your country of residence and / or Belgium. THE APERITIVO SPRL reserves the right to ban any user registration which would not have reached the age of 18.

The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Belgium for persons under 18 years.

3. Age Restrictions

In making an order via this website, the buyer confirms that he is legally allowed to buy / consume alcohol in your country of residence and / or Belgium. If the buyer purchases alcoholic beverages as gifts, both the buyer and the recipient must have the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages.

4. Restriction on buying

Users of the website are not allowed to buy alcohol if they do not have the legal age to consume in their country, provided that this country allows the consumption of alcohol.

They must also be over 18 years under the Belgian law.

5. National restrictions

Some countries have restrictions on import and / or consumption of alcoholic beverages. THE APERITIVO SPRL can not be held responsible if the order of the buyer went beyond these restrictions. THE SPRL APERITIVO You recommends checking with the competent authorities any restrictions in the matter before proceeding with any purchase.

6. Purchase Price

Buyer agrees to pay the purchase price of the property as stated on the website.

The items sold are subject to excise duties and the Belgian VAT. Product prices are indicated in euros, all taxes and duties included. Shipping fees are not included in the price but are calculated separately during the order process, depending on the place of delivery, weight and number of products ordered.

Any amount not paid when due will, automatically and without prior notice, interest at the rate of 10% and a lump sum equivalent to 12% of the unpaid amount.

The amount shown on the invoice is in force on the date of the order. This is a net amount, VAT, taxes and shipping included. If the price is subject to change, the terms must be explicitly provided for in the contract clauses.

7. Payment

The total purchase price must be paid in full and in advance by the purchaser under the terms and time limits to the confirmation of the sale on our website.

All sales shipped within the European Union are stated incl. The shipping costs can be estimated via the appropriate option in the shopping basket before confirmation of any order.

8. Delivery

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, all deliveries will be in accordance with the delivery of policy THE SPRL APERITIVO, including the delivery date. Delivery dates provided by LA APERITIVO SPRL are provided for information only.

THE SPRL APERITIVO put all the means at its disposal to make a delivery in the mentioned dates; However, the seller can not be held responsible for non-compliance with these deadlines.

SPRL APERITIVO deliver the products to the address that was communicated to him by the customer when ordering. The customer therefore indicate this address precisely. The person receiving the articles to said address is presumed to be duly mandated by the client. The customer is fully responsible for the receipt of goods to said address and expressly provides SPRL APERITIVO having to perform during the delivery of any investigations into the identity of the person receiving the items.
Packages not received at the address mentioned during the order will be transferred and stored in a deposit point for a period of seven days. Beyond this period, new shipping costs will be billed to the customer.
The consumer can not be reimbursed even if the seller can make delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed, the goods will be packed in accordance with standard practices of LA SPRL APERITIVO.

SPRL APERITIVO will do its best to fulfill your order, without being bound by an obligation of result.

9. Cancelling

For discounted products or promotional purposes and for stocks, it may be all sold very quickly. Orders are honored according to the chronological order of their arrival. In case of incomplete preparation or a temporary break that would delay the deliveries for several days APERITIVO SPRL agrees to contact the customer and let it may cancel all or part of its order. On the other hand, APERITIVO SPRL reserves the right to contact the customer in case of important reservation to verify the authenticity and also reserves the right to limit quantities.

The buyer has time for reflection to give up his order without any special reason within fourteen days counted from the receipt of the order by or for the consumer.
The customer who wishes to exercise this right of withdrawal can do so by completing the form accessible here and explicitly indicating his will to exercise this right.
In this case, and during the reflection period, the consumer must be careful with the product and its packaging. The consumer shall ensure that the goods are kept in the original condition and are to be returned to the original cartons or boxes in the same condition and the same packages in a packaging identical to that of the receipt of the goods in order to preserve a recomercialization of these products.
The return costs are borne by the buyer and carried out by the carrier accredited by the seller. For this type of situation, the validation and the takeover period are organized by the seller or any other person accredited by it. The returned goods travel at the buyer's risk. The goods must be returned to the seller's address within 14 days of notification of the withdrawal request to the seller.
In the case of this right to withdrawal and in the case of an amount paid by the buyer, the seller will ensure to refund the latter within 14 days of the proper receipt of the retraction statement if this request is in conformity . The refund may be postponed until the seller has correctly received the goods from the buyer or if the latter gives proof of delivery.
The right to retract the order is not valid for custom orders.
This right of withdrawal is not valid either according to the statements of article VI.53 of the Code of Economic Law.
These statements include the following:
• Implementation, including delivery, customized to a particular customer according to a specific procedure at the request of the customer.
• Goods and commodities which after delivery have been mixed indissociably with other goods and commodities
• Goods and products likely to perish and deteriorate rapidly.
• The sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed in a contract of sale and for which delivery can not be made within thirty days and whose prices fluctuate on criteria beyond the control of the seller.

10. Warranty of goods

THE SPRL APERITIVO proceed to packaging orders with great care and take every precaution to arrange it in optimal conditions.

In case of damage to goods during transport, the buyer must immediately inform the seller so that it can contact the carrier and take appropriate action.

Due to the perishable nature of the products sold, goods can not be returned by the buyer to the seller.

For any defective or damaged merchandise, LA SPRL APERITIVO offer choice to the buyer or the replacement of the goods or a refund. Refunds will be made within 30 days.

If problems with the products delivered, the buyer must notify in the shortest possible time the seller in writing to the email address: info@qor-aperitivo.be
The buyer shall ensure attach to email any supporting documents (photographs ...) stating the problem with the supply.

11. Limitation of Liability 

THE SPRL APERITIVO not liable for the quality of goods or fitness of goods for any improper use which would be made by the buyer.

THE APERITIVO SPRL can not be held responsible under any circumstances whatsoever vis-à-vis the buyer or any third party for any damage related to the goods and / or use, including but not limited way loss of profits, loss of property, replacement costs, data loss, damage or personal injury, loss of profit, ... even if the seller has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

This limitation of liability will apply to all claims, whether in contract, tortious.

In no event THE SPRL APERITIVO be liable vis-à-vis the buyer or any third party for loss, damage or injury of any kind up to a higher amount the purchase price of goods.

THE APERITIVO SPRL can not be held liable vis-à-vis the buyer and / or any third party for infringement of copyright-related regulations.

12. Force majeure

THE SPRL APERITIVO will not be held responsible for non-compliance with delivery of all or part of the goods when it is due, wholly or partially, to an intervention of legislative or executive, a strike or any problem relating labor law, fire or any damage that destroyed, in whole or in part, goods or unit of production of goods, failure to obtain the first or the energy to transform, or another constituent due to a force majeure on the part of the seller reasonably prevent to deliver the goods.

THE APERITIVO SPRL take care to act as quickly as possible to limit any nuisance.

13. Modification of these conditions of sale 

These conditions apply to orders placed by the buyer.

Any amendments to these terms and conditions will be posted on this page.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Aperitivo sprl wants to build with you, its customers, a relationship of trust and respect. That's why he is committed to protecting personal data about you. The purpose of this personal data protection policy is to explain to you the actions that Aperitivo sprl undertakes, as the person responsible for the processing, in order to ensure the respect of your rights. It also aims to clearly inform you of how your data is collected and used when you place an order with Aperitivo sprl. Respect for privacy, as well as your fundamental rights and freedoms is extremely important. Aperitivo therefore undertakes not to transfer your personal data to third companies for commercial purposes, nor to communicate these to third parties without your consent, apart from the obligations necessary to provide the products or services that you have ordered. This Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of this website. Aperitivo sprl may make changes to this Policy. For this purpose, it is emphasized that the current version is the one, in French, available on this site. Aperitivo sprl will inform you of any changes to this Policy either by posting on this site or by any other means.

1.What data is being processed?

Aperitivo sprl endeavors to collect only data necessary for their treatment. Some of the information that you are requested is necessary for the proper execution of orders and are expressly identified by an asterisk. In the absence of an answer, we will not be able to offer you our services.

The data usually collected and processed in the course of our commercial activity are as follows:

Identification data, such as your first name, last name, date birth

Contact information, such as your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address;

Data about your behavior and preferences online when you browse our website or third party sites or your login data;

Data from your exchanges Aperitivo sprl (emails, satisfaction surveys, chat ...);

Data obtained with your consent and / or collected in accordance with the regulations permitted or required.

All this data is usually obtained directly from you when you order, by phone, mail (postal or electronic), via our website.

2.For what purposes are these personal data processed? The treatments carried out by Aperitivo sprl have an explicit, legitimate and determined purpose, which is based on the execution of the contract, the respect of a legal or regulatory obligation, the physical security considerations of the customers or the legitimate interest of Aperitivo sprl for commercial prospection.

Customer Relationship In the context of the contractual relationship that binds you to Aperitivo sprl, the latter must collect certain data relating in particular to your identity. The data allows you to open, administer or manage your customer account, to deliver you, if any, the goods, to send you questionnaires in order to better measure the satisfaction of our products and services, and thus improve your customer experience.

Supply of products and services

Aperitivo sprl collects and uses the data mentioned above in order to be able to provide you with the products and services available on its website .

Prevention and fight against fraud

Your data is used to detect and, if necessary, fight against fraud or to investigate a particular fraud.

Proposal for personalized offers of products and services Aperitivo sprl

Aperitivo sprl also proceeds to the processing of your data for purposes of commercial prospection and animation, as well as for advertising campaigns.

If you no longer wish to receive offers from Apéritivo sprl, you can indicate it to us by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each e-mail we send. Or by writing to info@aperitivo.be quoting your last name, first name and your email address.

3.Who are the recipients of your personal data? Aperitivo sprl takes the protection of your data to heart, and that is why it treats them with the utmost care.

Aperitivo sprl may be required to provide certain data to the public authorities, at their request. In this case, only the data strictly necessary to the authorities are disclosed to them.

Aperitivo sprl is likely to communicate your personal data to its technical service providers, or companies legal persons of its group, whose intervention is absolutely necessary to achieve one of the aforementioned purposes. Aperitivo sprl ensures that these third parties treat your data in a way that guarantees their integrity, confidentiality and security.

Aperitivo sprl undertakes not to transfer your data for purposes other than those described in this Policy. If it were to do so, it would seek your prior authorization, which can in any case be revoked at any time.

4.For how long are your personal data kept?

Aperitivo sprl keeps the data relating to the management and use of the products and services ordered.

Data relating to orders placed: 5 years from the end of the execution of the order

Invoices: 10 years from the date of issue
Identification data: 3 years from the last date of connection on the website Aperitivo.be

In addition, some data may be kept and made anonymous for the purpose of statistical analysis

5.Using cookies


6.What are your rights and how to exercise them?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, rectify, erase, limit the processing and transfer of personal data. about.

You can also at any time oppose the use of your personal data for purposes of commercial prospecting.

To exercise these rights, you will have to prove your identity, otherwise Aperitivo sprl will not be able to accede to your request.

You can exercise these rights or contact us at: info@aperitivo.be

Date of application of the Policy: May 25, 2018.