Grace Gin

It is the result of the shared vision between three women, two second generation distillers and a spirited woman with extensive knowledge and experience in the drinks industry.

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Capacity 75 cl
Alcohol by volume 47.5
Origin Greece
Ingredients Juniper berries, angelica root, orris, lemon and orange peels, cardamom, coriander and cassia bark. Addition to the base botanicals, schinos, myrtle leaves and orange blossom from Evia, have been added, and are perfectly combined with critamos (from Crete) and pink pepper. In order to enhance the final distillate’s aromas, the distiller has applied a smooth, light filtering method.
Tastes and flavours On the nose is juniper. At the same time, this aroma of fresh pine combines perfectly with the presence of critamos and schinos. The flavor of pink pepper and cassia is in the background while the notes of myrtle improve this complex aromatic profile
Colour Transparent

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    Gin is a spirit drink obtained by flavoring ethyl alcohol with mainly juniper berries1, like juniper. The elaboration of gin begins with the alcoholic fermentation of a malt (of barley, rye, maize ...). It is quite close to its ancestor the juniper which is a traditional drink in all the former Netherlands.