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  • Bière des Amis From
    2,50 € Out of stock
  • Skinos Mastiha From
    28,85 € Out of stock

    Amazing and sophisticated, Skinos is a liquor produced in the heart of a small Greek island. Though nearly unknown, this rare liquor is worth the trip! Skinos is a rare liquor that owes its unique taste to its basis ingredient: the mastiha. Known since Hippocrates and only harvested in 24 villages in the north of the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean,...

    28,85 €
  • Verre Bière des Amis 17cl From
    2,00 € Out of stock
  • Skinos shot glass From
    2,90 € Out of stock

    Glass for the tasting of Skinos neat. Even better when the glasses have been chilled beforehand Free Shipping from 50 € (in Belgium) Free Shipping from 200 € (in Europe) Promotion offer 5 + 1 free.

    2,90 €
  • OTTO'S vermouth From
    20,85 € Out of stock

    Red vermouth. A high-quality Greek wine, infused with rose petals, absinthe, citrus fruits, olive leaves and herbs grown under the Athenian sun, such as oregano and angelic plants, it creates a unique Greek flavor.The ways to enjoy Otto's Athens Vermouth are endless but in a Highball glass, with soda water and ice is the best combination.Free shipping on...

    20,85 €
  • Skinos tonic glass From
    3,50 € Out of stock

    The ideal glass for cocktails. Free Shipping from 50 € (in Belgium) Free Shipping from 200 € (in Europe) Promotion offer 5 + 1 free.

    3,50 €
  • QOR vermouth From
    25,85 € Out of stock

    The QOR is a modern vermouth produced in the traditions of the past. This product, created more than 100 years ago, may be served neat or in a cocktail, as an aperitif or evening drink. It can also be employed as a culinary basis. The QOR captures the aroma of one of the oldest wine-making traditions of Italy. Free Shipping from 50 € (in Blegium) Free...

    25,85 €
  • Coffret Bière des Amis From
    8,99 € Out of stock

    1 beer 66 cl 2 glasses to share !

    8,99 €
  • Grace Gin From
    42,85 € In Stock

    It is the result of the shared vision between three women, two second generation distillers and a spirited woman with extensive knowledge and experience in the drinks industry. Free Shipping from 50 € (in Blegium) Free Shipping from 200 € (in Europe) Promotion offer 5 + 1 free.

    42,85 €
  • Balloon glass From
    4,85 € Out of stock

    Balloon glass Free Shipping from 50 €. Free Shipping from 200 € (in Europe) Promotion offer 5 + 1 free.

    4,85 €
  • Vallina's Gin From
    52,95 € Out of stock

    Vallina’s Gin is a mysterious limited edition gin that manages to distinguish itself from other gins thanks to the infusion of “the tears of the Greek mastic tree”.The tears refer to the resin of the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus) which flavours Vallina Gin and belongs to the same family as the mango and pistachio. Almost the entire creation process of...

    52,95 €
Results 1 - 11 of 11 items