QOR vermouth

The QOR is a modern vermouth produced in the traditions of the past. This product, created more than 100 years ago, may be served neat or in a cocktail, as an aperitif or evening drink. It can also be employed as a culinary basis. The QOR captures the aroma of one of the oldest wine-making traditions of Italy.

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Capacity 1 litre
Alcohol by volume 16%
Ingredients White table wine, sugar, alcohol, freshwater, aromas, caramel.
Tastes and flavours The aroma is essentially made up of sweet and bitter orange peels to which are added ginger, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, elderberries, mace, and other ingredients held secret in the 1867 recipe.
Sugar content 14% p/v
Colour Brilliant pale yellow
Tasting comments Typical aroma of mace, ginger, coriander, sweet flavour, orange aroma, and cardamom.
Allergens Presence of sulphur dioxide at a rate of <150 ppm as antibacterial oxidant.
Particular processing Microfiltration

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  • A story of passion and tradition


    SANTAFIORA : A story of passion and tradition

    • 1867: Thanks to his work regarding the ageing of sweet wine, Giuseppe BRACCI discovered that these wines could be flavoured and created what would later be called Vermouth, for which he would obtained the production licence.

    • 1900: Giuseppe Bracci transmitted his passion and skills to his son Simone. Thanks to Simone, international branches developed in Belgium and the United States.

    • 1925: Simone created a variant of the traditional Vermouth Bianco from a typical wine originating from Sicily. The Alcamo distinguishes itself by unrivalled flavours, with fresh yet intense aromas.

      The Santafiora Bianco has been created from that wine, and is nowadays known as QOR. This aromatic wine has a fresh and unique character, provided by the combination of the zest of organic oranges from Ribera, cocoa beans from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, as well as 45 other secret spices.

    • 2014: Lorenzo Gasbarro, Simone Bracci’s great-grandson, accidentally found the handwritten recipe of his grandfather in the family country house. An oenologist himself, he decided to resume the production of this incredible vermouth.